Monday, October 14, 2019

Betty and Millie

A couple weeks before the show, Fabian started a thread on the Jennifer Show Facebook page asking people what they were bringing to sell. Jan Stevens mentioned that she had several old North Light models she wanted to re-home. One thing led to another, and these two now belong to me.
 I have wanted this mule for decades.
She has the frog eyes that plague many of the North Light sculptures, but that does nothing to diminish her appeal.
I find her utterly charming. 
I have a similar soft spot for this big, heavy, doorstop of a draft mare.
I don't know what it is about these North Lights. They're not perfect sculptures. I see the flaws, but somehow they don't bother me. There's just something about them I find really appealing.
And it's not just me. These girls hung out on the Jennifer Show staff table Saturday, and so many people asked if they were for sale. I have no doubt I could have sold them several times over and probably cleared a nice profit.
But no. They are mine, and they're here to stay. 

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