Sunday, October 13, 2019

After the snow

It snowed hard on Thursday, and for a brief moment, all of Denver looked like a winter wonderland
Then the sun came out, the snow melted and Mary Jo, Karen and I resumed our regular riding schedule.
There was just a little bit of snow along the trail...
and a little more on top of the mountains in the distance. 
 Mostly, it was just another fall ride.
 Oh, Scarlett!
We skipped Saturday, but today we rode out again. This time Aggie and G also joined us. 
We rode on a different trail... 
 and I looked through a different set of white ears.
There was still the tiniest bit of snow left in the shadiest areas... 
and we saw several downed trees.
This one was lying across the path, but our horses had no trouble negotiating their way around it.
Four good horses.
This one especially.
Oh, Scarlett!
This is why I never mind early season snow storms. Winter is coming, but there's still a lot of fall weather in the forecast, and we're going to enjoy every bit of it!


  1. I was not envious of your early snow. I am envious of how quickly it melts often.

    1. It's almost always this way in Colorado. Big snow today, hot sun tomorrow.