Sunday, October 6, 2019

TJS judges classes

You'll never find a better panel of model horse judges than than the one we assembled for this year's Jennifer Show: Amanda Brock, Barb Ness, Kylee Parks, Lesli Kathman, Liesl Dalpe, Melanie Miller, Tracy Calamar and Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig. It just doesn't get better than that.
One of the ways we paid tribute to the awesomeness of our judges was to hold a fun class specifically for each of them.
Tracy Calamar judging the Tracy Calamar class
These classes were held over the lunch break, but instead of relaxing and eating pizza I was still running around like a chicken with its head cut off taking care of important show business. As a result, I completely missed the Liesl, Amanda and Melanie classes. I did, however, manage a quick shot of Melanie's bucket of prizes. Love those Cookie Monsters!
Sarah's class was huge and amazing.
Heather Malone's gorgeous Orinoco painted by Carol Williams was one of the top prize winners.
photo by Gail Hildebrand
Kylee's class was equally amazing. 
She split in into two sections: Medallions...
and Tadpoles. 
Still, that didn't make the judging any easier!
The Lesli class was smaller in both the number and size of entries.
One clever person entered a Lesli painting guides. I hope that one got a prize. I love my Lesli books!
Our final judge, Barb, is not an artist, so she requested that her class be filled with Welshies and Fjords! Any medium and type or type was welcome, and her table was overflowing with pony cuteness.
These classes were so much fun. I promise that next time - if there is a next time! - I will do a better job with the pictures!

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