Saturday, October 19, 2019


Six years ago today, the horse I was riding tripped over a trot fence, and I ended up underneath him. I sustained multiple injuries, including a shattered collarbone.
"Horses. That's how middle aged women get football injuries," my surgeon told me when I asked him how long until I could ride again. Then he gave me a time frame that was clearly not realistic. I nodded my head, drove to the barn and signed up to lease another basket case Arabian.
And it's been six years and I still have full use of that arm so obviously that was okay, right?
Two weeks before the Jennifer Show, Christine Jordan came off a green dressage horse and broke her collarbone.
The doctor told her she couldn't ride for eight weeks, but he didn't tell her she couldn't show model horses.
photo by Beth McCarley
So she came to the Jennifer Show and kicked ass in halter...
photo by Christine Jordan
and performance.
Collarbone sisters.
Horses. That's how middle aged women of all ages get football injuries live their best lives. Welcome to the Collarbone Club, Christine!


  1. Hi Christine!! She broke her collarbone right before Juli got her concussion (featured on my blog!) It was a rough month for us Sterlingbrook girls. Haha. I broke my collarbone when I was 16, but no matching hardware for me. I like your surgeon's saying.Gonna borrow that.