Monday, October 28, 2019

Projects and ponies

Yesterday, Angelo and I braved another October snowstorm to attend a fun project day at Fabian's house in Thornton.
Everyone brought a project - or three! - to work on.
Mine was my ICEE horse, whose tail was in need of some serious help.
Fortunately, Angelo is really good at hair.
 She identified and removed the main problem areas...
and helped me start over again.
The dremel was also used to behead several stablemates...
and debulk the shoulder and chest of Fabian's long-term Cleveland Bay project. I really hope he finishes this one. It's going to be an awesome performance horse!
Legs were straightened...
and new goodies were ogled. It was a very productive morning!
Eventually, however, we decided to trade the plastic ponies...
for the real ones!
It was really cold...
but Cisco is worth it!
That was a fun day. Thank you for hosting, Fabian! Let's do it again sometime.

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