Thursday, October 10, 2019

First snow

A few days ago, Mary Jo, Karen and I went on a beautiful autumn ride in the river bottom.
The weather was gorgeous.
The fall colors were out in full force. 
Everything was perfect...
Except for one thing: the mosquitoes nearly ate poor Lucy alive. Sorry, girl.
I love Fall. It is my favorite season, but I like it even better after the first hard frost.
This morning we woke up to cold temperatures and a little bit of snow.
As the morning wore on, the temperature kept dropping and the snow kept falling.
It looks and feels like January out there.
A lot of my friends are bemoaning this. "Noooooo," they're saying. "It's too soon for this."
Not me.
I am happy to be snowed in with my girls today.
Besides, I know this isn't going to last very long. 
Temperatures are expected to be back in the seventies this weekend. I am already looking forward to my next ride in the river bottom. I bet there won't be a single mosquito!

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