Sunday, October 6, 2019

The Jennifer Scott class

In addition to having special classes for each of the judges, the Jennifer Show also featured two "Jennifer" classes, one for my co-host, Jennifer Scott, and one for me. Jenn's class was absolutely amazing.
There were three entire tables covered with horses painted by Jenn,
 sculpted by Jenn... 
or sculpted and painted by Jenn. 
So many lovelies.
photo by Beth McCarley
A crowd gathered to admire them all.
Jenn and I had originally planned to create unique prizes for our classes, but time got away from us. Instead, we made a small run of gold Santana and Myr medallions. Jenn awarded the Myrs to her top six choices. These included Niki Hertzog's Hamilton, who was fresh off his win in Saddleseat class...
and Heather Malone's Dumb Luck, who was one of the free exhibitor raffle horses at the first Jennifer Show.
Before the table was cleared, Jenn and Kylee recreated (sort of) the Levi and Tadpole "kissing" scene. I love this photo - and these women! - so much. 
Thank you to everyone who brought out their Jennifer Scott horses for this class. It was a real treat seeing them all together like that!

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  1. That galloping POA (3rd ph.) takes my breath away! "itchy fingers, grabby hands"