Monday, May 6, 2019

This, that and the Jennifer Show

The last three days have been totally nuts.
First, Maximum Security won the Kentucky Derby.
Darron Cummings/Associated Press photo
Twenty two minutes later, Country House won the Kentucky Derby.
I made a saddle.
I went riding.
We opened up entries to the Jennifer Show.
Within the first twenty four hours, fifty people from twenty one states and Canada signed up to attend our show.
Fortunately, we have a giant show hall. We can easily accommodate twice that many showers. However, the Performance Challenge is already sold out. If you were planning to enter and have not yet, please contact me ( asap. I may be able to free up a few more places. 
Entries in the 2014 NW Expo Performance Challenge, photo by Erin Corbett
So that's what I've been up lately. Hopefully, tomorrow things will slow down just a little bit so I can write a real post.

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