Monday, May 27, 2019

Indian Paintbrush Live, part two

Anna Miller's Indian Paintbrush Live was a multi-division breed halter show, with a small Fun Division. As I was packing my horses on Friday, it occurred to me that - if I was creative enough - I could make this into my own personal almost performance divisions.
The first class was most loved. This is usually an essay class, but because I entered so late, I didn't have anything prepared. Fortunately, no one else did either. I put a pink bow on Cuter Than Meeka's mane,
and I wrote a love note.
It worked! First place. 
Mare and Foal was next. 
I love mares and foals, so I entered three pairs. My new ponies placed fourth,
Snickers and Speckles were second (I think!)...  
and the Cuter Thans were first. Woo hoo!
On to Family!
Teresa went non-traditional...
but this was the day of Cute. It was another win for my ponies.
Christmas Horses was next. I'm pretty sure the show holder had intended this to be a class for Breyer Christmas sets. I went another way.
This set was supposed to go on Liam, but I accidentally packed him up. Teresa and Fabian told me to put it on Hoka Hey instead, and it kind of worked. 
Hoka placed second behind my other entry, Snickers. This one was also a bit of a miss, not because it was terrible, but because I could have done so much more. Next time!
The next class was Halloween Horses. Again, I think this was supposed to be a class for OF Breyers.
Again, I went another way. 
Fortunately, both the judge and show holder were fine with that. Snickers and her candy corn were awarded first place. 
Portrait was next.
Like Most Loved, this is usually an essay class. Unlike Most Loved, this time I was prepared. I showed Love N Stuff,
and Abbie.
Snickers was the winner. I think judge, Nae Keller was charmed by her bad pony story!
The next two classes were non-equine "halter" classes. Pixel and Aeh won the Companion Class...
and Jose's raccoon won Other Animals. 
The final Fun Class was costume. I showed Rune in my new/old Hollywood style Arabian costume...
and Snickers in a variation on Dagobert's bad pony set-up
Rune won that one, but with her four firsts and one second...
Snickers was the obvious choice for Champion of the Indian Paintbrush Performance Fun Division.
Meeka was Reserve Champion and the raccoon got an honorable mention.
The Fun Division really was fun. Thank you, Anna Miller and Nae Keller for indulging my attempts to make this a performance show!

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