Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pony power

I don't actively collect original finish models, but every now and then a company - usually Breyer - makes something so ridiculously cute I just can't help myself. That's how I ended up with Josine Vingerling's Rhian and Cadell.
These little cuties are the newest offerings for  Breyer's Premiere Club members. I am not a member, but fortunately, Lindsay Diamond was willing to trade her ponies for a small pile of bridles. Almost all my Welsh ponies have the prefix "Ravenwoods" so I've named them Ravenwoods Lindsay and Ravenwoods Mickey.
The foal is ridiculously cute.
If - god forbid - I ever happen to be judging OF Breed at a show you're attending, please bring me all your Cadell foals. I think he's the best baby in the Breyer line-up. 
And this mare...
I adore her. 
Mine has a really good paintjob so she will stay OF, but eventually I want one in every (custom) color and hairdo.
She's also a really nice size - just a little smaller than Misty and plenty big enough to use with a youth doll in performance.
Don't be surprised if I have a whole bunch of Rhian sized tack for sale at BreyerFest. This is the OF pony I have been waited decades for, and I'm looking forward to seeing her in the performance ring!


  1. What do you picture her doing? Can't be jumping... looking to her little rider to get on/off? She could be pulling something, too, I think. Whatever she's doing she and and the foal are both DARLING and of course I adore the paint job on Mom!

  2. Yes....need tack for my Rhian mare! I have a good set too. I have as a Highland Pony.

  3. I am SUPER PSYCHED about these molds! The mare reminds me of the HR Maydee.

  4. Please don't show her as a Highland Pony, far too much white! And Josine did such a good job capturing welshness I wouldn't show her as anything elsr