Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Sword outtakes

Ryan is not a rider so I was surprised when he offered to hop up onto Thunder's bare back today.
Thunder was the perfect horse for this photo shoot. He is small, brave and very amenable. However, he's also a little bit bratty. After standing quietly for several photos, he decided it was time to go eat some grass.
Ryan never saw it coming. One moment he was posing for the camera. The next moment his horse was gaiting running! down the road. 
I would like to say that I talked him through the rough spot, but Ryan will tell you that all he could hear was me laughing and the sound of my camera's shutter.
My favorite emergency pony, Sir Cinnabon, whinnied at us as we were leaving the barn, so I told Ryan to show him the sword.
Cinnabon's eyes almost popped out of his head! 
Come closer, my pretty. 
Over it. 
Cinnabon's neighbor, Cricket also wanted in on the sword action. 
Next time, I swear, we're taking it out into the mosh pit gelding field.
Okay, Ryan. I admit it. I really, really like your sword!

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  1. I LOVE Sir Cinnabon's "sword face", but you'd think he would be already used to a sword since he has been knighted! :)
    Kristine G.