Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Never ending winter

Spring made a brief appearance last week...
but now it's back to winter again.
We woke up to several inches of new fallen snow this morning.
Why? Why? Why?
It should have been a perfect day to stay inside and work on my BreyerFest sales tack...
but I really wanted to go to the barn.
So I did.
Most of the horses were hunkered down in their sheds...
but a few came out to see me.
I promised Mary Jo that I would turn Scarlett out while she was away, so I did that.
Scarlett was not thrilled.
I stayed until I got cold...
and then a little longer because clearly this bunny needed to have his picture taken.
I'm ready for it to be spring again, but today was kind of fun. And now it's time to finish that saddle!


  1. Sorry to hear about the never-ending winter (ick) but that first photo is GORGEOUS. Wow!

    1. I love that view so much. I never tire of it, no matter the weather conditions.