Monday, March 23, 2009

Love N Stuff

I've had a couple people ask me if there was a story to go with my cute new pony's name. The answer is both yes and no. I did, indeed, know a real pony named Poka Tia and she was just as cute as her resin counterpart. However, I only knew her for a short time and I had no particular attachment to her. Mostly I just liked her name!
I've borrowed lots of names like that over the years. When I was still collecting (and naming) original finish models, it was unusual for there to be any connection between the real horse and its plastic namesake. That's changed a bit, though, since I switched over to resins.
In recent years, I've bought several blank resins with the intention of having them finished to look like horses from my past. Yesterday's post featured the first of these portrait models--my lovely chestnut Matriarch. She was painted by Susan Hurst to resemble my favorite school horse at Eaton Canyon Riding Club. These pictures show me and the real Love N Stuff during one of our weekly lessons in 1980. I was eleven years old and completely horse crazy. I lived for that one hour a week when I could pretend that Love was my own. The stable was within walking distance of my house, and I'd often go there even on non-lesson days so that I could pet her nose and feed her carrots.Love N Stuff died a couple years after these pictures were taken. I never found out what happened. I had missed a couple weeks worth of lessons, and the next time I went to the stable, her name had been taken off the lesson horse list. I asked of course, but no one was talking, at least not to me... Poor old girl! She was such a sweet mare and there's no telling how many kids learned to ride on her broad back.
In some ways the Matriarch resin may seem an odd choice for my Love N Stuff portrait. The real Love was a cute but average looking grade mare, and Matriarch is obviously a well-bred stock horse. Still, I think it works. Just look at the model's kind, patient face. Susan did a wonderful job of capturing both Love N Stuff's color and her gentle personality. I see my old friend when I look at this model and that makes me happy. Now if someone would just sculpt a pony that looked like Cinnamon...

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  1. Jenn, I had the same thing happen with my beloved school horse. Was away from the barn a while, went back, and no Grey. A Very Bad Feeling, indeed. But maybe it's best that you weren't told what happened to Love N Stuff; you, like me (and we were just about the same age) could just think of a GOOD outcome and leave it at that. I would ADORE to have a model painted like my old friend. I only have a handful of photos but I think they'd be enough. I wrote about Grey here:
    So glad you have your girl back with you!