Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Almost wordless Wednesday

Like the the BreyerFest Open Show, the BreyerFest Childrens' and Youth Show has a few unique classes. One of these is the Most Loved Model Class. Models are shown with a short essay explaining  why the model is Most Loved (Childrens' Show) or how the model introduced the entrant to the world of Breyer Model Horses (Youth Show). These essays were familiar, funny and sometimes surprisingly touching. Today's post features some of my favorites. Enjoy!


  1. Those sweet, heartfelt comments are one of the things I love best about children and being a teacher. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I know I'm a bit late to this entry, but I wanted to share something that is a bit related. In 1995, I think it was, I flew from Phoenix to Las Vegas for a live show. One of the classes was a most-repaired model so I brought my traditional Man O' War along with documentation about all the repairs he'd had over the years, including my dad trying to use fire to 'glue' the leg back on after inserting a pin and a big white spot on his rump from where I thought nail polish remover would make him shiny. Well, the airline wasn't very careful with my totes despite multiple signs on it that it was fragile and This End Up and my Man O' War had suffered more damage. I couldn't show him now because he was no longer repaired and that was one of the rules. When I told the judge about my horse Mens Rea (the mental intent of a crime), they encouraged me to still put him in the class then promptly declared him the winner. They also said I should rename him Trauma. Considering the emotional trauma I went through the next morning during an unexpected earthquake, that was probably a good idea!

  3. "black like my sister's soul" takes the sarcasm cake. Ah, siblings!