Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Abbie's ashes

I picked up Abbie's ashes yesterday.

The subject of what to do with the ashes has been a topic of debate between my husband and I. He's a "no souvenirs" sort, and predictably, he thinks they should be scattered. I have been more inclined to keep them, but because I love my husband, I told him I would give it some thought. To help me in my decision, I spent a couple hours looking through my old photo albums. Perhaps remembering Abbie's favorite places and activities would provide clues as to where her final resting place should be.

Because Abbie grew up on the hunter/jumper circuit, most of her early pictures were taken at horse shows. Abbie loved being a horse show dog. She liked working at the tack shop,
sitting in the stands,
hanging out with friends,
and exploring the showgrounds after hours.
In between shows, Abbie enjoyed visiting her friends at Wonder Cave in Pelham, Tennessee.
She spent countless hours there, exploring the cave, wading in the creek and chasing bugs in the grass.
Mostly though, I think she liked hanging out with the cave dogs!
Abbie was a great lover of all things outdoors. She liked boating...
and swimming.When Seth came into our lives, she became an avid camper.
She camped in the Smokies and the Rockies and numerous places in between.
Abbie was also a city dog. She spent time at parks and schools, street festivals and botanic gardens. She especially loved coffee shops with outdoor eating areas and dog friendly rules.
Abbie loved the limelight. She knew at least a dozen tricks and was happy to perform with...
or without an audience.Although not particularly fond of small children,Abbie became a wonderful family dog.
In the end, I think she'd come to love my boys almost as much as she loved me.
Abbie loved her family and she loved her car.
Even in her final days, she was happiest when she was curled up next to me in the front seat as we headed out on another adventure.
Well, I'm not going to scatter the ashes in my car. In fact, I've decided that I'm not going to scatter them at all. It turns out that Abbie's favorite place wasn't a horse show or Wonder Cave or the park or a mountain or even a car... Abbie's favorite place was where ever I was.
So that's where I'm keeping her. She's here in my studio, right next to me.


  1. *hugs*

    Good for you. That's where she wanted to be at all times, that's where she should be even now.

  2. I'm so sorry about Abbie! She's given you lots of good memories...

  3. They can make jewelry, too... she could really be with you ALL the time.

  4. Oh, that is too funny! I can just imagine the look of HORROR on Seth's face as I told him I was having Abbie turned into a piece of jewelry so I could wear her ALL the time... He should be glad I'm content to leave her as ashes. :)

  5. A very touching story and conclusion Jennifer, thank you for sharing. :-)

  6. With you is "home." That is where she should be.

    I made a similar choice when my mare had to be euthanized. While spreading her ashes in our field seemed fitting, I chose to keep her in the barn with her (still living) companion gelding.

  7. What a wonderful photo tribute! It would make a wonderful collection to hang on the wall or in an album :-)

    I think you made the right choice about the ashes.. She should stay with you. I kept reading and hoping this would be your decision.

  8. I also think you made the right decision. I have Misty's ashes in a cute little tin in the living room. I would put her in her favorite spot, but we would trip over her all the time. One day, maybe I will scatter her. But her favorite place was with us, in the living room, so there she rests for now.

  9. Aww - what a beautiful tribute to your dear dog. Made me cry. Yes, keep her with you. It's where she'd want to be. Thanks for sharing her story - she must have been a special dog. Thinking of you.

  10. Thinking of Abbie brings lots of happy thoughts. She truely was a special dog and next to you is where she would want to be!

  11. I really can understand your feelings and final decision. It was the right one and you will never feel lonely with her right beside you.

  12. This post made me cry, what a beautiful dog she was. I think your final decision on what to do with her remains is exactly perfect.

  13. What a beautiful tribute! My husband read over my shoulder and he said you made him feel like he knew her.

    I was talking to some friends about final resting places for animals just last week. All of ours are under the oak tree on my parents' farm. Whatever makes emotional sense to you is what's right!

  14. Reading this made me cry and think of all the dogs, fish, hamsters, and horses I've loved and lost over the years. We just recently put down a gelding named JR. He was like the barn mascot, he was the orginal horse on that farm and grew up and died there. He was the GPS of the trails and he was hardwired with the way home from anywhere! We estimate him to have been about 25 to 27. The whole barn family misses him already.

    I think the cutest thing about JR was Molly. Molly is an old black mare and it's very fitting that she's black because she was basically JR's shadow. I haven't been to the barn since he passed and I hope everyone is doing okay there.

    Sharing stories of happy times and bad times helps cope...thank you for sharring about Abbie, she's as speical to you as JR is to me. There's always places close to our hearts for them. :)

  15. My Mollie is in a pretty little urn next to me too.

  16. Tears pouring down my face. My Springer is Mommy's Girl, 100%, and she will always be with me when the time comes (she's only 8 now, so hope for many more years). I have not discussed this with the family, but I know that's what I want to do, for the exact same reason you said...