Thursday, May 24, 2018

Throwback Thursday

Ever since he was a tiny baby, Ryan was all about electronics, especially computers. 
He loved our dogs...
...but he never expressed an interest in horses.
I always swore I wouldn't be the kind of parent who forced her kid to embrace her passions, but I had to try, at least a little. When Ryan was five, I drove him up to my friend Trisha's farm in Wellington, Colorado.
Trish gave him a lesson on Arwen the Wonder Pony.
 Ryan looked pretty cute up there and seemed to have a good time.
Unfortunately, it didn't take. He did not ask to go back for another lesson. In fact, I'm pretty sure he forgot all about Arwen the minute we drove out of Trisha's driveway.
That didn't stop me from trying again.
Ryan on Arwen, 2007
Every couple years...
Ryan on Punky, 2009
I put him on a horse. 
Ryan on Trillium, 2011
And every couple years...
Ryan on Rev, 2013
it failed to take.
Ryan on Santana, 2016
Ryan turned eighteen last month and graduates from high school tomorrow. He is (technically) an adult, and I am finally ready to admit defeat. He's never going to be a rider.
And that's okay. He's an amazing kid person, and I am so proud to be his mother.

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  1. This is beautifully done. I've tried the same tactics with my kids on various things. Model horses included. My youngest shares my passion for Australian native Orchids & we regularly go out searching together in Spring.

    This story took me back to when my little boys & how proud I am of them. My youngest is now 14 & the oldest is 16. :^)