Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Baby updates

There are no new Kenlyn foals this year, but three of last year's babies are still in residence. I thought it would be fun to let everyone see how they're growing.
The oldest of the three is Kenlyn Dunit Awesome (Awesome Knight x Dunits Blonde Chex). Here he is with James at one week...
And again at one year.
He was cute then...
and is well on his way to being gorgeous now.
Happily, he's as sweet as he is handsome...
and he's pretty darn handsome!
Yeah, he's definitely my favorite.
Next up is Kenlyn Sacred Storm (Kenlyn Psyclone x Kenlyn Sacred Night).
He's another handsome boy.
He's also super attached to Kenlyn Sir Prize, which makes him difficult to photograph.
It's a testament to my persistence that I have this one solo shot.
Speaking of Sir Prize (Kenlyn Psyclone x Fortunataa+)...  I'm sure everyone remembers the mama drama surrounding this guy's birth. Born in the wee hours of the night to a mare who wasn't supposed to be pregnant, he was then promptly stolen by another, more dominant mare.
Fortunately, it didn't take long to sort things out, and no lasting harm was done.
Sir Prize charmed everyone with his great story and flashy black and white color scheme.
He's still striking...
but his black coat is now sprinkled with white.
Someday all those markings will be gone forever. The curse of grey!
It's been such a pleasure watching these boys grow up, and I look forward to following their progress in the months and years to come.


  1. Wow, Kenlyn and Speaking are beatiful!

  2. Boo, my favorite little bay filly is gone :(

    1. She sold right away and left immediately after she was weaned.

    2. I'm not surprised she did. She was adorable!

  3. I’d swear that buckskins are just unusually prone to sweetness. I haven’t met or owned a bad one yet, though that’s not saying too much. ;)