Sunday, May 27, 2018

True bristol box

There's no denying that Breyer's True North is the current "it" model of the Original Finish Performance ring.
Any tack maker who'd like to sell tack at BreyerFest would be smart to show up with a whole bunch of True North sized tack.

I don't own a True North.

Fortunately, my friend, Teresa does. Today she brought him to me.
I measured his head and played dress up with Olivia's magnet boots. Surprisingly, they fit!
Teresa also brought her brand new Bristol. 
I don't actively collect original finish models, but I would love to add one of these to my herd. He is lovely! 
He doesn't fit the magnet boots, but he's still lovely! 
This one doesn't fit the boots either, but his box is totally squee-worthy.
Of course I had to dig out some other little boxes for a photo. 
Thanks so much for bringing them by, Teresa. That was a really helpful visit!


  1. That bristol is absolutely gorgeous! It's my first time seeing him in plastic form, and he did not disappoint! -Horsegirl275

  2. I have True North but didn't join the Premier Club this year. I love the Bristol mold but want him in a solid color instead of pinto. I have more than enough pinto a now in my herd.I did join the stalemate club mainly to get the be Arab and the grey mini vanner.

  3. Unfortunately you have to be a hobby moneybags now in order to get in on the latest hobby trends in ANY finish, OF or not, what with Breyer choking the affordable regular run line and ramping up the expensive SRs.

  4. You are lucky to have such a friend AND so nearby. Enjoy her!

  5. I didn't realize he came with a tiny box! Squeee! Also I LOVE True North's mold, but I'm always waiting for regular runs. And money. And actual shelves. Too many pretty new horses lately!