Sunday, May 20, 2018


I've always wanted to own a sidesaddle, but like a lot of tack makers, I often find it difficult to make things for myself. Five years ago, I ordered a sidesaddle doll from my friend, Anne Field.

"Now I'll have to make myself a saddle," I thought.

It didn't work.
The doll found her way into a lot of photo shoots...
this one still cracks me up... 
but I never got around to making myself a saddle...

Until now!
Actually, I made two. One will be sold at BreyerFest, but the other is here to stay. 
Woo hoo! 
I am so glad to have that checked off my list. One personal project down, nine hundred and ninety nine to go!

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  1. Please make an albarda! An albarda is a Mexican charro side saddle..I would love to see one with a doll riding