Sunday, May 6, 2018

Road trip day four

We spent the third and final night of our road trip on Ellsworth Air Force Base.
Carol was raised in an Air Force family, so this was no big deal to her, but I very much enjoyed the glimpse "behind the fence." 
In the morning, we got up and looked at some planes in the adjacent South Dakota Air and Space Museum. 
Then we drove into Rapid City, where Carol lived for five years in the late 1990's. We visited some of her favorite places, 
drove by her old house...
and had lunch with her favorite neighbor.
After that we made another pass through the Black Hills...
and stopped by Mt. Rushmore. 
This mountain monument is simultaneously exactly what you expect it to be, but also more.
It was good to go back after so many years. 
We had a great time in South Dakota...
 but Colorado was beckoning.
 We climbed into the car one more time and headed home.
This was truly a perfect road trip. Thank you so much for going with me, Carol. I can't wait to see where we go next!

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