Tuesday, May 1, 2018

South Dakota 1991

When I was twenty two, my best friend, Trisha and I went to South Dakota for Spring Break. 
A lot of our friends questioned this decision.

"You're supposed to go South for Spring Break," they said, "Not South Dakota."

We went anyway. 
We stayed in Wall, with our friend, Jean, who I'd met through the same JAH penpal ad which had introduced me to Trish.
She lived on her family's farm... 
so they were all kinds of critters, most notably twin orphan calves (I got to bottle feed them!)...
and a tame Canada goose. 
There were also horses, but Jean's were too young to ride... 
so she arranged for us to ride a friend's big dun. This horse was really forward and really fun. 
These pictures were taken outside, we did most of our riding in an indoor ring. Believe it or not, that was the first time I'd ever ridden indoors!
Of course, we didn't spend all our time on Jean's farm. We also went to Badlands National Park, 
Mt. Rushmore
Crazy Horse... 
and the Black Hills Wild Sanctuary
"It's a good thing we didn't listen to the naysayers," we agreed as we drove back to Colorado. "South Dakota was a perfect Spring Break destination. We should do that again."
It took me twenty seven years, but last month, I finally returned to South Dakota. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing pictures from that most amazing trip.

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