Monday, May 28, 2018

Wild horse hunting in TRNP, part two

When you drive all the way to North Dakota for the express purpose of photographing wild mustangs, there is a real fear that you might not actually find any wild mustangs to photograph.
Fortunately, that didn't happen to Carol and I during our recent trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Within an hour of our arrival, we managed to find a photograph two pairs of horses.
This allowed me to relax and enjoy the Park's other offerings, which were mainly buffalo...
and Badlands.
I really, truly appreciate both those things, but still, I never stopped looking for horses.
There they are!
This band of ten was a long way off in the distance, but there was nothing but prairie between me and them so I got out and walked...
and walked...
until I was standing right among them!
Unlike the roan stallion we'd met earlier in the day, these mustangs were completely nonplussed by my presence. 
The grey stallion ignored me completely...
and this old girl just about walked right up to me.
Sweet old thing. 
It was cold and windy...
up on that ridge...
but I could have stayed there all day.
We went to North Dakota in search of mustangs.
We found them.
And it was awesome.

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