Wednesday, February 22, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty two

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I probably won't be able to finish Aggie before the end of February.

At one point, this was my worst case scenario. I somehow believed the success of NaMoPaiMo was tied to the completion of a single horse.

I no longer subscribe to that theory.

With or without my Aggie, NaMoPaiMo has been an amazing success. Hundreds of hobbyists from nineteen countries have gathered together to share and paint. It has been a tremendous experience. I have learned so much, and not just about painting.

Also, it's not like I haven't finished anything.
After four years on (and mostly off) the workbench, my BHR Loper is this close to being finished.
He may not my official NaMoPaiMo model, but he still counts, right?
Although I'm not the only one who's going to miss the deadline, I'm happy to report that new horses are being added to the NaMoPaiMo Winners' Circle every day. 
photo and model by Charlotte Donahue
Stacy Quick is nine months pregnant, so her personal NaMoPaiMo timeline was shorter than twenty eight days. Fortunately, she was more than up to the task. This is her Breyer Wyatt which was customized to a flea-bitten grey Lipizzan stallion.
photo by Stacy Quick
Darleen Stoddard is well known for her tack making skills, but it turns out she's a pretty darn good painter, too! 
photo and model by Darleen Stoddard
This lovely dapple grey Ashquar was painted by my friend, Corina Roberts. Corina is in the midst of a personal fifty two horse challenge. This is horse number eighteen, and in my opinion, he's her finest piece so far.
photo and model by Corina Roberts
Continuing in the grey theme, here's Oksana Kuks' Bint Soraya resin. A progress picture of this model was featured in the "Pencil Ponies" post. As you can see, she turned out great!
photo and model by Oksana Kuks
Moving on... here's a horse of a different color. Airen Chandler's peacock pegasus was painted with a variety of media, including airbrushed and handpainted acrylics, Pearl-Ex metallic pigments and metallic gel pens.

photo and model by Airen Chandler
As I look at all the finished models, the thing I find most satisfying is how NaMoPaiMo has brought together painters from all points on the spectrum.
photo and model by Dayle Steinke
There are (talented) beginners like Kitty Grubka...
photo and model by Kitty Grubka
and accomplished pros, such as Kate Schick...
photo and model by Kate Schick
and Jennifer Danza.
photo and model by Jennifer Danza
Everyone is sharing.
photo and model by Linda Perry_Horst
Everyone is creating.
photo and model by Bev Manderfeld
By all measures that matter, NaMoPaiMo has been a wonderful success. Congratulations to everyone who has finished their models, and also, to those of us who are still fighting the good fight. This is one event when even the "losers" are winners!

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