Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NaMoPaiMo days twelve, thirteen & fourteen

My medallion is finished, and I am really pleased with it.
The same can not be said for Aggie. She has reached the point where I am ready to throw my hands in air and admit defeat. I'm not even going to share photos. She's that bad.
It's like Bailey can see the horror and he's hiding from it.
photo by Nikki Button
Were it not NaMoPaiMo, she would almost certainly be banished to the shelf of things that have gone horribly wrong and will never be finished.
photo by Jeanne Laverdt
But it is NaMoPaiMo, so instead of giving up, I spent some time on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page. 
photo by Tomas Varela
I was reminded that everyone struggles,
photo by Jenna Miller
but with enough support and effort,
photo by Gail Hildebrand, directional arrows by Christina Riley
most issues can be overcome! 
photo by Isaac Brushett
 I'm not giving up!
 In fact, I'm doubling down.
My new supplies arrive on Friday. I can't promise that Aggie will be finished by February 28, but I guarantee I'll go down fighting!

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