Wednesday, February 8, 2017

NaMoPaiMo days six, seven & eight

My Aggie resin received her acrylic basecoat at Fabian's NaMoPaiMo party on Sunday.
photo by Fabian Rodriguez
She spent the next two days waiting for me to work up the nerve to actually break out the oils.
This morning I decided that today was the day. Here's how she looks after her first oil session.
I'm not the only at this stage. Kay Schlumpf...
and Celsie Rae Abelt are right there with me.
Lynn Cassels-Caldwell's Arabian is a bit further along. Here's what he looks like after three oil sessions.
I have no idea how many layers Jennifer Scott's mini Hazel has, but the front half looks amazing!
Of course, not everyone has reached the painting stage. 
photo by Liz Allen
Some of the NaMoPaiMo entrants are still customizing...
photo by Claire Goss
and priming.
photo by Ela Zarzecka
Others have finished the painting their horses' bodies and are working on the details.
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
Lynette Sayers made these horse shoes from non fluxed solder wire.
And then there's Audrey Dixon,
Rachel Alford...
and Aryn Usher who have already finished their NaMoPaiMo models. Congratulations, ladies. You are winners!
NaMoPaiMo Champions of the Day are Stephanie Blaylock, Emma Ransom-Jones, Kim Szkudlarek, Lynette Sayers and Sue Rowe. Thank you for your generous support of NaMoPaiMo!


  1. Replies
    1. It's just a fun title I am handing out to people who are rocking the NaMoPaiMo experience in one way or another. It really doesn't mean anything in particular, but I wouldn't be too surprised if a lot of the daily champions receive merit prizes later on.


  2. I think Aggie is looking fantastic! Hopefully you are feeling a little more confident?
    My NaMoPaiMo journey continues, & I am sharing it with a friend as well:

  3. I just finished sculpting a few days ago and my horse has 2 layers of acrylic!