Thursday, February 23, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty three

After almost three straight weeks of warm, spring-like weather, winter made a comeback today.
That was fine by me. Cold weather makes for productive studio days. I spent my morning happily doing battle with Aggie. I still don't think she'll be done be finished before the end of February, but I'm not giving up without a fight.
This isn't exactly the color I was aiming for, but it's pretty darn close. She needs another coat of paint to cover the thin spots and soften the blending, plus I'd like to darker her top line and add a little more shading. After that, I'll seal and paint her markings and ribbons with acrylics.
I'm not the only one who's still plugging away at this.
photo and model by Hazel Vickers
NaMoPaiMo painters the world over, are overcoming illness...
photo and model by Jennifer Kroll
and other obligations...
Betsy and James Groff
and finding time...
photo and model by Mackenzie Ferguson
to work on their horses!
photo and model by Sara Bercier
Progress is slow...
photo and model by Hannah Hounshell
but real.
photo and model by Taylor Trent
We may not reach our goal...
photo and model by Clarissa Quinn
but we're going to go down trying!
photo and model by Nicole Severs
Keep on fighting, my fellow slowpokes! Together, I know we can get through this!


  1. Yea! Aggie's looking great!! :D
    Kim & I both have NaMoPaiMo pony updates:

  2. Could I send my pictures through email?