Friday, February 10, 2017

What's your excuse?

Cold winter days make for long and productive studio sessions. That's the main reason I chose to hold NaMoPaiMo in February.

Unfortunately, Colorado did not get the memo.
I know I should be painting, but weather like this demands riding.  Aggie has spent the week playing second fiddle to Scarlett, 
and Sprite. 
Sorry/not sorry.
I asked the NaMoPaiMo Facebook group to share their reasons for not painting. Here are some of my favorite and not so favorite responses.
photo by Becca Brooks
Like me...
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
a lot of would-be painters are distracted by real horses. 
photo by Julia Harmon
Ditto for dogs, 
photo by Kristen Cermele
dogs and sheep,
photo by Laura Skillern Sailer
and dogs and sleds.
photo by Hilary Schwafel
I want to do this! 
photo by Jean Barrett
photo by Erika Baird
photo by Kristy Thiessen
and boyfriends with cats are also a problem.
photo by Nicole Severs
Some of the fun things people are doing instead of painting include buying cars,
Beatha Sellman
photo by Bobbie Allen
photo by Caroline Spracklin
and making cheese.
photo by Karinny Hullathi
Some of the not so fun distractions are homework,
photo by Devon Comstock
home improvement,
photo by Heather Frystak
photo by Lauren Wood
being sick...
photo by Marilyn Jensen
and being nine months pregnant.
photo by Stacy Quick
Still more people are spending their time on other hobby endeavors, such as sculpting,
photo by Myla Pearce
 mold making,
photo by Maggie Bennett
resin polishing...
photo by Jennifer Scott
and, of course, tackmaking
photo by Bronwyn Ahyong
I suppose the cows need milking...
photo by Hazel Vickers
and I know the hay needs baling...
photo by Kathleen Fiford
but still... We're ten days into February people! Pretty soon we're all going to have to get back into the studio!

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