Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bonus horses

I really wanted to paint yesterday, but Aggie's most recent layer of paint was still a little bit tacky. Instead of pressing forward with her, I decided to dig up a project from 2014.

This BHR Loper is supposed to be a black rabicano, but as you can see, I never got him past the basic black stage. This was not for lack of trying. I started the roaning numerous times, but in each case, I got frustrated and ended up wiping it off.
Not this time!
After a marathon painting, pastelling and sealing session yesterday... 
I am optimistic that this boy might actually get finished. Hurray! 
I'm not the only one who feels like painting.
photo by Zoja Makovec
NaMoPaiMo has inspired so many people.
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
Every day pictures of newly painted horses are uploaded to the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page.
photo by Taylor Ouzts
A lot of these horses are official contest entries, but some are just bonus horses that were painted because someone felt like painting. 
photo by Teresa Botkins
Today's post is all about the bonus horses.
photo by Christina Riley
Some of these were painted in addition to the offical NaMoPaiMo entries.
photo by Julie Brooks
Others were painted instead of the official NaMoPaiMo entries. 
photo by Jennifer Kroll
Honestly, it's good either way. 
photo by Patrycja Zaleska-Rutkowska‎
The whole point of NaMoPaiMo was to get people painting, and on that score, I think it's been a roaring success!
photo by Shana Bobbitt
This beautiful Reflective medallion was painted by Sara Gifford and will be donated to one lucky NaMoPaiMo winner. Thank you, Sara! 
And thank to everyone else who has supported NaMoPaiMo thus far. It's been a blast painting with you. Speaking of which, that BHR Loper is calling my name. It's time for me to get back to painting!


  1. Two thumbs up on working on the Loper! :D

    1. He might actually make it to a show someday. Maybe.


    2. He is totally show-worthy! I almost completely forgot that he was still not finished, it's been a long time since I read the first posts about him!

  2. 1. Your BHR Loper is absolutely stunning, I'm totally in love with him, dare I say, I'm even a bit jealous, lol. I think I have a weak spot for black horses, and especially black model horses, those are the ones I can whole herds of without vet and farrier bills.
    2. I hope you don't mind me asking, what brand of acrylic paint would you recommend? I'm slowly getting around to customizing, but for now I'd like to do really minor repairs on some of my banged up models to get used to fixing them up and working with my pastels/paints before doing brand spanking new paint jobs on some of my plastic/resin ponies. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    - L

  3. Thank you for the compliments on Tux. I am really pleased with how he's (finally!) turning out.

    My acrylic paint selection has a little bit of everything. I'm not above using craft paints, but I am trying to slowly switch all the horse colors over to higher quality brands. Jenn Scott recommended Golden, and that is easy to find locally, so that's currently what I'm buying.