Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tutorial Tuesday - blue eyes

A couple days ago, Emma Stovall uploaded this picture to the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page and asked for advice on how to make her blue eyes more realistic.
A few people offered pointers, but most of us responded like this,
and this... 
 and this!
At this point, Emma asked if I would like her to write a tutorial on painting blue eyes. Of course, I said yes, and here it is. Thank you so much, Emma!

How to Paint Blue Eyes

by Emma Stovall

(Let me know if you'd like my reference pics for any of these)

•model horse (my victim is an old body)
•acrylic paint- pool blue, white, black, cameo pink, too blue, real blue
•brushes of your choice 
•and gloss which is optional (I use clear finger nail polish)
First I paint the entire eye white, then add a bit of cameo pink to the corner.
Next I paint the outer layer of the iris with too blue acrylic paint. Please note, I did make the iris bigger after this picture was taken. 
Then I added a layer of 50/50 white and Pool Blue. 
With my smallest brush I use Pool Blue to make a splattered look and blend so that the middle part of the iris is darker the the outer part. There is more detail then you can see here. Unfortunately, I don't have a very good camera.
Next I use Too Blue acrylic paint to make a splatter around where the iris will be. 
Then I take a bit of Real Blue and add that to the middle of the Too Blue so the eye gets gradually darker. 
Finally, I add the pupil and gloss the eye. 
Thanks again, Emma. That was really helpful!


  1. I wish I could have seen this when I did my blue eye. This is really helpful!

  2. I'll have to try this next time! Thanks, Emma!