Friday, February 24, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day twenty four

I did not feel like painting today. 

Normally that would be okay, but this is crunch time. There are only four days left in February. If I want to finish Aggie before the NaMoPaiMo deadline, I can't be taking days off.
I spent my morning in the studio. It wasn't a lot of fun, but I got a lot done. Most of the patchy places are filled in, and the blending on the body is much improved. It looks like I still need to work on those legs, though! 
Judging from my Facebook feed, this was a generally difficult day in NaMoPaiMo land. 
photo and model by Lauren Wood
A few people completed their models...
photo and model by Christine Jordan
but mostly, there were reports of broken legs,
photo and model by Clarissa Quinn
photo and model by Katherine Irving
and flaking paint...
photo and medallion by Jen Boss
and endless amounts of lint. 
photo and model by Twyla Brower Wehnes
We're a resilient bunch, so we soldiered on...
photo and model by Cindy Evans
but in my heart of hearts, I think that Ellen Coleman...
Ellen Coleman
and Jen Johnson had the right idea!
photo by Jen Johnson
Thank you to everyone who continues to fight the good fight. There's just a few days left. We can do this!

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