Monday, February 6, 2017

NaMoPaiMo swag

I'm having flashbacks to the pre-Jennifer Show period.
Micro minis donated by Maggie Bennett
Twice in the last three days, the mailman has delivered boxes from some of the hobby's most respected artists.
donated by Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando
I wish these things were staying here.
donated by Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando
Especially this one.
donated by Maggie Bennett
They're not.
donated by Morgen Kilbourn Rossomando
Instead, they are being added to the pile of prizes I will be awarding to some lucky NaMoPaiMo finishers.
donated by Karen Gerhardt
Not surprisingly, most of the items are things that can be painted. The list includes medallions,
donated by Sara Gifford
donated by Kristen Cermele
and little resins,
donated by Becky Wilgus
unpainted Breyers...
donated by Karen Gerhardt
and even more medallions!
donated by Jennifer Kroll
There will also be a small assortment of other things, including Rachel Fail tack and props. Yay!
Prizes will be distributed both at random and for merit among the NaMoPaiMo entrants who successfully start and finish their model in the month of February. NaMoPaiMo is not a painting contest. The quality of the finished piece will not determine placings. Instead, merit prizes will be awarded to people who display exceptional effort and enthusiasm and are a positive contributor to the NaMoPaiMo community. With more than three hundred participants, I will not be able to provide prizes to all finishers. These are a bonus and should be viewed as such!
donated by Jessica Geer
Have something you'd like to donate? I'd love to have it! Please contact me via email ( to work out details. Additionally, I would gladly accept cash donations to help offset postage costs. I am one hundred percent more likely to hold NaMoPaiMo next year if it's not a money losing proposition this year!


  1. I can't put pictures on Facebook, so where can I post my pictures?

    I am working on my second layer of acrylics

  2. You can always email them to me. I may not answer because I am completely covered up with NaMoPaiMo things, but I will definitely make a note that you sent them. And who know? Some might make the blog, too!

  3. I can't wait! I had to re-primer it because my first attempt didn't work very well. But it't turning out better on the second time:)