Friday, February 3, 2017

NaMoPaiMo days two and three

Slowly but surely, I beginning to get a feel for oil painting. My medallion still doesn't look like Carol Williams painted it, but it's significantly better after a second and third coat of paint.
I'm not the only one who's making progress.
photo by Jennifer Kroll
My Facebook feed is filled...
photo by Kari Filipi
with pictures of models... 
photo by Meredith Conrad
being painted... 
photo by Michelle Nelson
or covered in eyeshadow! Whatever! 
photo by Logan Shortridge
Can you believe this is the first time Sophia has ever painted dapples? Amazing!
photo by Sophia Connolly
Of course, not everyone has actually started painting. Some people are still in the shopping,
photo by Joanna Dueck
photo by Pat Coulter
and prepping stages.
photo by Sara Gifford
It's all good, and I am absolutely loving the photos.
photo by Jackie Arns-Rossi
All of them!
photo by Malia Booker
NaMoPaiMo Champion of the Day is Scotland's Christine Sutfcliffe, who has been picking patterns...
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
and painting...
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
all the ponies!
photo by Christine Sutcliffe
She's also been blogging about her NaMoPaiMo experience, which I really love. Congrats, Christine, and keep on painting!

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  1. Your medallion is looking fabulous!
    Here is my latest report:
    I am excited to see someone else blogging about their NaMoPaiMo experience! I will be following Christine's adventure as well!