Saturday, February 11, 2017

NaMoPaiMo day eleven

Today I learned that painting tack is harder than making it.
I was all alone in my studio, but in Pennsylvania, Erika Ipes hosted a NaMoPaiMo party. Attendees included Maddie Kline, Linda Perry-Horst and her eleven year old daughter, Emily.
Linda and Emily, photo by Erika Ipes
Erika demonstrated basic airbrush technique... 
Erika, photo by Linda Perry-Horst
and Maddie showed everyone how to use oil paints.
Maddie Kline, photo by Linda Perry-Horst
Then, everybody got to try things on their own. This is Emily using Erika's airbrush.
photo by Linda Perry-Horst
Here's Emily with her finished pony.
photo by Linda Perry-Horst
That's so much better than my first (and only) airbrushed model!
photo by Linda Perry-Horst
In New Jersey, Christine Jordan and Heather Puleo got together for a NaMoPaiMo mini painting party. Christine's Native Dancer started out blue..
photo by Christine Jordan
but got darker...
photo by Christine Jordan
and better...
photo by Christine Jordan
as the day went on.
photo by Christine Jordan
Heather's Mini Hazel underwent a similar transformation.
photo by Christine Jordan
Look how great this basecoat is! She's going to be a stunner.
photo by Heather Puleo
It makes me so happy to see hobbyists getting together to paint and socialize. This is what NaMoPaiMo is all about. Congratulations, Erika, Maddie, Linda, Emily, Christine and Heather. You are the NaMoPaiMo Champions of the Day.

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