Friday, November 25, 2016

Model horse black Friday

Today is Black Friday, and I am at home, spending time with my family and not shopping.
If I was going to go shopping, however, I'd skip the mall and log on to Etsy, to see what my favorite vendors have in their stores. Not surprisingly, my first stop would be Rachel Fail's RF Model Horse Tack.
With more than eighty items in stock, this shop has something for everyone, including sports medicine boots, all types of Western saddle pads, trophy breast collars, glitter breast collars, tack making tools and supplies, bit guards and even custom real horse halters. I am a huge fan of Rachel and am fortunate to own several pieces by her. Still, I only have two of her embroidered pads. That is clearly not enough, so my featured RF Model Horse Tack item of the day is this lovely purple embroidered saddle pad, which costs a very reasonable twenty five dollars before the twenty percent holiday discount.
My next stop is Anne Field's Field of Dolls Studio.
As the name would suggest, there are a lot of dolls in this Etsy shop. However, there are other things, too, including saddle pads, saddle bags, horse boots, mini tote bags and mini food. Better yet, everything is twenty percent off this weekend, including this awesome lime green Western Pleasure doll.
Bobbie Allen's Horse Tender Studio is next.
Bobbie's store is filled with cross stitched saddle pads and wooden saddle stands, similar to those she donated to the Jennifer Show. Since I already have a couple Bobbie pads in my collection, my choice for the Horse Tender Studio featured item is this unfinished birchwood stand, which retails for twenty dollars.
Moving on, it's Nichelle Jones' Desktop Stables.
Nichelle is one of my favorite bloggers, and she's also a darn good tack maker. Her current Etsy offerings include English and Western saddle pads, halters and glitter bell boots. I already own a bunch of Nichelle pads, but somehow I do not have one in pink camo print. If someone wants to buy me an eighteen dollar Christmas present, this would be a good choice.
Kingfisher Tack belongs to tack maker, Pat Coulter.
Offerings include traditional scale English tack and props and lavender scented goat's milk saddle soap. Although I'm intrigued by the fancy saddle soap, my featured item is this simple but elegant dressage rail. At just twenty dollars this is a perfect addition to anyone's prop box.
If mini performance is your pleasure, Anna Helt's Dreamflite Design is your one stop shop for small scale tack making supplies.
Anna's current offerings include two sizes of printable saddle pads, stablemate scale Western saddle trees and the top notch stablemate scale English saddle tutorial pictured below. Everything is twenty percent off through November 26th if you use the promo code THANKS20 at check out!
Another store offering Black Friday discounts is Becca Brooks' Nooks Cranny.
Becca makes halters, bridles, hackamores and boots, all of which are lovely. I especially like this rope halter with a bronco noseband. At twenty dollars, it doesn't quite qualify for a discount. However, if you spend just a little more, you can receive twenty five to fifty percent off your total order. Check out Nooks Cranny for more details!
The next stop on our Etsy tour is Amber Wylie's Hobo Cat Creations.
There's a little bit of everything here, including tack, props, miniatures, holiday wreaths and cat toys! My choice for featured item is a pair of miniature holiday wreaths. I need these for my model barn.
Another shop offering a mix of tack and props is Emma Van Riper's Home Stretch Studios.
As a mini barn lover, I am especially fond of the 1:9 scale horse food. Ten dollars buys three feed bags, one small treat jar, and one sport horse supplement bin. 
Lisa Smalley's Smalley Saddlery is next.
The current listings in this shop include tack making tools and different types of leather. There are also miniature cowhides. Oh, how I wish I had known about these when I was making Liam's hide race prop! For just eight dollars and fifty cents, I could have saved myself a lot of aggravation! 
Alright, that's enough tack: Let's find some horses to buy! Jennifer Kroll's Chookhenge, The Whimsy Shop...
features two limited edition, unpainted resins...
plus a variety of medallions. I'll take one of each, please! 
If you prefer your horses painted, check out Emma Jezek's Paint Pony Studios.
 She has a variety of custom painted horses in stock. Most scales are represented, and prices range from thirty to one hundred fifty dollars. 
And for those who like their horses blobby... there's Margaret Balch's Blobby Buddies.
Blobby Buddies made their hobby debut at the Jennifer Show and quickly became a thing. Margaret's store has several color combinations in stock, as well as a custom order option. My favorite is this Christmas candy cane pony.
Although this is not an Etsy shop, my Black Friday shopping guide wouldn't be complete without a stop at Lesli Kathman's Blackberry Lane
Lesli is the author of the Equine Tapestry books on horse color, the Equine Collectibles-Guidebooks for artists and the publisher of Equine Collectibles magazine. All of these belong on every hobbyist's shelf and make great Christmas presents. Of course, the same can be said for every item pictured in this post today. Happy shopping, everyone!


  1. The first saddle pad is AMAZE! I want it so badly now. Just one more thing on my want list.

  2. If all this isn't inspiring, you're probably dead. Thanks Jenn!

  3. I like the first picture best.

  4. Great post! Do you have a link to Pat Coulter's store? I can't find it via googling.

    1. Sorry! I had the worst time with links on this post. It's fixed now.