Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Playing favorites

I don't have a favorite kid...
or a favorite dog... 
or even a favorite horse. 
And yet, every time I get involved in some sort of a hobby related "Ask me Anything" challenge, some is sure to ask if I have a favorite model. 
I don't.
All three of these are contenders
That hasn't always been the case. When I was very young, I loved Zucchini the most...
and in the early days of this blog, I often referred to Nejmet es Subh as "my favorite horse."
Those two are still on my short list, but they've been joined by at least a dozen Purdy horses... 
and mules. 
I am also extremely attached to a number of ponies...
and a small herd of portrait models. 
Yeah, there's no way this one's going to be left behind!
I'm sorry, Teresa. I find your question to be completely unanswerable. If I have enough time to save one, then I'm pretty sure I have enough time to save them all... or at least all my "favorites!"


  1. I'd say "cop out" but I know you too well :)

  2. Although I failed to choose a sole survivor, I *did* devote an entire post to your question. In my world, that's not a cop out.