Monday, November 28, 2016

Horses around the edges

When I returned home from California in August, I brought with me a large manila envelope filled with family pictures.
1970, Dad, Erin, Colleen, Jennifer
I've been scanning these and will return them to my Mom when I go back to California for Christmas.
1963, Dad
I really love looking at all the old photos.
1936, Dad, Ada, Lisle
This is so cute.
I don't remember us being a family that took a lot of photos, but holidays, birthdays, vacations... they're mostly all here.
1962, wedding day
Just about the only thing that's missing is a picture of my Dad with a horse. This is the closest I could find, and it was taken a full two years before my birth!
1967, Dad, Colleen
On the plus side, I was delighted to find a large number of photos with horses...
1969, Jennifer, Colleen
which were mostly...
1973, Jennifer, Erin
but not always Breyers...
1976 Erin
1980, Jennifer
around the edges.
1977, Jennifer, Erin
Because I always wanted more Breyers, a lot of these are birthday...
and Christmas pictures.
However, there was at least a few were just because Jennifer loves her horses!
So many memories! I am very thankful to have all these photos scanned and saved, but I'm still hoping to someday find a picture of my Dad with a horse.


  1. HI! Wanna check out my blog? I make tack too!

  2. What a wonderful post! The closest I can come is a snap of my Dad on a carousel horse.

  3. "You'll outgrow this horsey phase." And yet old photos tell a different story. And love those of your father, too.