Monday, November 7, 2016

No work Sunday

After spending most of Friday and Saturday in the studio, I was ready to get outside and enjoy our unseasonably warm weather. Of course in my mind, "outside" is synonymous with "barn" so that was my first stop yesterday.
Kelly is out of town this week, so I've been exercising her delightful horse, Gunner. He is as wonderful to ride as he is colorful, so this has been a real treat for me. 
And yes, Tiffany, I have been taking detail shots of his markings! 
After my ride, I went home just long enough to eat lunch and change clothes. Then and I headed out again, this time with my dogs. We picked up Carol and her grand-dogs, Riley and Tank and drove to our favorite dog park.
This was Tank's first visit to Cherry Creek, and we were curious to see how she'd handle the water. 
It turns out, Tank really likes swimming. 
No really. 
She jumped in the water and wouldn't come out. 
There she goes! 
Darcy says, "Bye, Tank. It was nice knowing you!" 
After what seemed like forever, Carol was finally able to snag her out of the water. Tank wanted to get right back in, so we had to put her on the leash.
We spent the rest of our visit on the dry side of the park, which was just as fun for everyone but Tank.
It was a good day to be outside. I never even sat down at my work desk, and I have no regrets.
Still, I did feel just a tiny bit guilty this morning, so I got up early and finished that batch of nameplate halters.
Those should go in the mail tomorrow. On to the next order!

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  1. You tell a story very well. Is Gunner named after a fictional California horse, by any chance? And that last photo of the 3 dogs is perfect.