Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Breyer Festival of Russia

If you had asked me about the Russian model horse hobby a few years ago, I would have said, "I didn't know there was a model horse hobby in Russia."

Not anymore.

In the past three years the Russian hobbyists have exploded on to the scene, making their presence felt in the area of sculpting, finishwork and tack making.

Today, I am happy to share a series of photos taken last weekend at the Breyer Festival in Moscow, Russia. Thank you so much to Daria Sokolova for providing us with this peek into the Russian model horse hobby!
The Breyer Festival was held in conjunction with the Equiros event, which appears to be similar to an American Horse Expo with real horse exhibitions, 
stable tours...
and lots of shopping.
The Breyer event included...
Stablemate painting,
a drawing class... 
and, of course, a live show. 
There were halter...
and performance classes...
and by the looks of things...
the level of competition was extremely high.
Check out these details!
It's obvious there is a ton of talent in Russia.
I don't know how they got so good...
so quickly!
There appear to have been a few classes we don't usually see at a Breyer sponsored show. I think this is a tack class...
 and I know this is a Stone model! 
There were also some resins in the mix. 
Interestingly, not all of the resins were painted.
These differences aside, I'm mostly struck by how much Daria's pictures look like my own BreyerWest pictures. They are filled with beautiful horses, amazing models and happy people. I guess Breyer events are the same the world over!


  1. Thank you for highlighting our Russian hobby life in your blog, Jennifer:)
    I may tell a few words about this festival and divisions we had there. Our local Breyer distributor tried to host a show similar to the one you have on Breyerfest, but also added some things on their own (by using info they were able to find in the Internet I guess). There was a special division for ARs and CMs (not only Breyer, but Stones and other plastic also). And as for the blank resins - our sculptors brought them to share with other collectors. The judges even tried to judge them somehow, but I don't know the details for now.


  2. Thank you for the additional information. It looks like it was a very fun event. In truth, I would like Breyer events more if resins were included!

    1. Yep, it was a lot of fun. At least it was a chance to see each other, esp those who live in other cities.
      In fact it's the third live show in Russia held by our Breyer distributor. Now we are thinking of making one on our own.

  3. There is a running gag in my hobby that whenever something just blows you away with its amazingness, there is a 90% chance it is done by a Russian collector.

    They are just scarily talented.

  4. Jennifer, I love this blog! Let us dump the politicians because where there are horses there is good in this world! Loved the little pony cart with the muddy wheels and pony with muddy feet. And then the veterinarian that! Of course there are no cows or cowponies or Western tack or Native American costumes. One here gets a flavor of Russian culture as it applies to cool is that! how are we all getting to the next show in Moscow?!!!

    1. Western tack and performance - not this time, but two years ago there were several western entrances)) you may see it here

      And yes - you're all welcome to the next show in Moscow:)))