Friday, November 11, 2016

Treasures from my parents' basement

Ryan got his driver's license last week.
A three driver family should have three drive-able cars, so last weekend, Seth and James flew out to California and drove my Dad's minivan home to Colorado. 
Now Ryan is driving Seth's old Jetta...
and Seth is enjoying having his own model airplane transport unit.
I know Mom has been cleaning house, so I wasn't surprised to discover some treasures from my parents' basement also made the trip to Colorado. These included the barn my Dad built...
and three boxes of model horses. 
The two big boxes were filled with common 1970's and 1980's era Breyers. The small box contained a herd of paddock pal scale horses. Today, I spent a little time cleaning and photographing them.
To be honest, I don't even remember owning some of these.
Others are are old friends. 
"Tiny" is wearing a bosal made of plastic covered wire. This was my tack making material of choice when I was a kid.
The bay Hartlands are Candy and Dandy. They were some of my very first models and Candy's legs are very warped. The little beige filly arrived later. I named her Sandy and colored in her eyes because I didn't like them being blank. 
Here are two Breyer knock-offs. The Fighting Stallion has a broken leg that's been wired together. I covered the repair with a bandage made out of grocery store twist ties. Those were almost as useful as the plastic covered wire!
This flocked zebra foal cost a whopping ninety nine cents and is adorned with an Arabian style halter made from braided embroidery floss.
The nicest piece in the lot is this Made in Japan china mare.
She has a very sweet face that is reminiscent of Maureen Love's work. The other horses are going back in their box, but I'll probably keep her out on the shelf for a little while.
The sole non-equine in the group is this sweet faced Siamese cat. She's discolored and not quite to scale, but that's okay. She's also  a whole lot less trouble than the rest of the Braymere barn cats.
It's been kind of fun picking through these little bits of my hobby past. Thank you for sending them, Mom. And thank you again for letting us have the minivan!


  1. I had one of those Best of the West buck boards too!

  2. Aww, how cute! The flocked zebra is really sweet.
    I didn't know that Hartland made horses in that scale, and that there are smaller Breyer knock offs out there. That's interesting!

  3. Seth is just one step away from having an RC plane trailer... :D

  4. And in another example of congruent childhoods, I had the Johnny West buckboard wagon as well. Or, I should say, it (and a lot of the other Johnny West collection items) was likely given to one/both of my brothers and promptly co-opted by the HORSE LOVER in the family, along with the steed and harness to pull it. ;) At any rate it didn't survive my mother's purging at some point so I don't have it. I do have the grey and palomino JW horses. I turned the grey into a grey pinto by painting spots on him with enamel model paint. Yeah, it's SUPER-classy but I liked it when I was 8. LOL!

  5. P.S. I didn't know Seth had an involved hobby, too. ;) I have a cousin who does those big RC planes in TX. His day job? American Airlines aircraft mechanic. Reminds me of some people who are a little bit horse crazy, actually...

  6. Now THIS is the kind of model horsery I can remember! So long ago, when I was a gal...
    Love it!