Saturday, November 5, 2016

Happy mistake

I didn't mean to buy this horse.
A couple weeks ago, Kirsten Wellman listed him on eBay with a $9.99 opening bid. 
I've been wanting a custom painted Vallegro ever since Breyer added him to there line-up. This was a good one, so I placed a smallish bid, never expecting it to hold up.
It didn't. I was outbid right before the auction closed. 
I upped my bid just a little, and was amazed and delighted when my new bid topped the other one by exactly one cent. Woo hoo!
I didn't mean to buy this horse, but I'm happy I did. Thanks, Kirsten. I love him!


  1. Yummy, love this boy! I'm sensing a new dressage tack set coming soon...maybe with pink or teal piping/padding???

  2. He has beautiful eyes, unlike the original. (Mine had orange eyes--looked demonic.)

  3. One of these just won a class I judged. He has good conformation.

  4. If, it's not too personal, how much did he cost?

    1. Ha! I've already forgotten the exact number. It was right around the $100 mark, though.

    2. That's a steal for a horse this handsome! I wish I had one...

  5. The Valegro mold is absolutely gorgeous; I have an OF Valegro and he did not disappoint!