Monday, November 14, 2016

If Mackenzie was a Breyer doll...

My first bareback photo of Star Spangled was really boring, so I decided to add a little dog to it. Because, you know, dogs make everything better.
I cropped one of the photos to highlight the dog, and posted it to the BCS Facebook page with the caption: If Mackenzie Purdy was a Breyer doll... Because, you know, I think I'm funny.
The picture got a lot of likes, but Heather Frystak pointed out, accurately, that there really weren't enough dogs. I agreed and vowed to do better. Because, you know, I take my 1:9 scale world pictures seriously.
Yeah, this is better all the way around. 
That was fun, but now it's back to work. Because, you know, this tack won't make itself.


  1. Jennifer - Thank you for sharing your photos of Star Spangled(What a *neat* name!) He reminds me SO much of his "twin" brother "Synbad"! !
    Fortunatedly, my "carpet herd" is still with me (albeit packed away!)

    Hey!! *How* do you have ALL those "puppies" and NOT a model representing DARCY and EMMA!!??? *tsk* *tsk*!

    1. Tiffany is trying to think of a way to make a model Darcy that actually barks. I have told her that I have the real Darcy so I know what she sounds like. I don't need the model to bark. We'll see what happens...

    2. I am starting to wonder about her sanity... Lol!