Wednesday, August 20, 2014


In 2001, Kitty Cantrell released a 1:6 resin foal which was officially named Raspberry.
Unofficially, she's usually called "Foalzilla" because, well...
Breyer recently bought the rights to this sculpture, so now this jumbo sized foal is available in original finish plastic as well! 
Spring Fever is five months old today.
He's not quite a Foalzilla, but he's pretty darn big! 
He towers over Fortunataa's little bay colt. 
It's hard to believe these two are only a month apart in age!
Despite the size difference, they are best of friends.
Although neither foal has been weaned, they spend more time together... 
than they do with their mothers! 
James is still partial to the little bay...
but my heart will always belong to Spring Fever.
It's been such a pleasure watching these boys grow up, or in Spring Fever's case, grow up and up and up!


  1. D'awww, five months old ALREADY! Time certainly does fly!

  2. Lookit' the size of him - WOW!
    It's wonderful to see Spring Fever thriving to this extent! I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say we all feel somewhat like "long-distance god-parents" to this baby...
    : )

  3. Spring Fever is doing so well! glad he made it through the bumpy beginning :)

  4. Lol, I love that picture of all of the foals on the show table! It's like 'look at all of the cute and tiny little foals!' and you get the end of the table and BOOM! Haha

  5. Yay foal update! :D He's gotten SO big. I'm glad he's been doing so well. :)

  6. Spring Fever is such a big and beautiful boy. Is he a full-blood Arab or a cross?

  7. Spring Fever is such a beauty! I bet he will turn out to be a gorgeous horse when he grows up! I love his muzzle too, especially how the pink overlaps the white just above his nose. Wish the best of luck to the little guy :)