Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stolen moments

In a perfect world, I would be painting Roundapony this weekend.

Unfortunately, my world has been really, really imperfect lately, and uninterrupted studio time is a luxury I don't have.  Roundapony deserves more attention than I can spare, so I've turned my focus to one of the many unpainted foxhounds who have been taking up space on my workbench. 
It's been a long term goal of mine to own a large pack of customized foxhounds.
I want them in all poses and colors...
and I am relying heavily on the pictures I took at the Arapahoe Hunt Club Point to Point to guide me through the hound making process.  
Of course with so many colors options available to me... 
I don't know why I started with the most difficult!
I keep reminding myself:  he's not a horse, he's just a prop.  It's ok if he doesn't turn out perfect.  So far it's working.  I'm having fun with all the ticking and I haven't gotten too crazy fussing over the parts I don't like.  Hopefully, he will continue to progress quickly and easily and I'll have something good to show for my hectic weekend.


  1. awesome! Flick gets clipped tomorrow btw. :-)

  2. He's great. I though you were saying you couldn't do fancy paint jobs? What you've done there is really realistic. Fantastic!