Monday, November 21, 2011

Bargain Barn--Balthazar

This is Balthazar. He was my very first resin and he cost me a whopping seventy two dollars.
Balthazar was a silent auction item at the 1999 Rocky Mountain Model Horse Expo. At that time my husband and I were really struggling to make ends meet. I hadn't planned to bid on anything, but I had made several small tack sales at the show and that money was burning a hole in my pocket. I put the entire amount on the mule resin, never expecting to win. No one was more surprised than me when I did... except perhaps for the person who had donated the mule. It turned out that he was supposed to have a two hundred dollar reserve price. I was crushed but immediately offered to give him back. Fortunately, the donor was a truly generous person. When she saw how happy I'd been to win him, she congratulated me and said she was glad he was going to a good home. 
Balthazar was originally a dark airbrushed grey. Sadly, the original paint work hadn't held up well. In 2005 Suzanne Feld and I negotiated a tack for paint trade that turned my mule into a bay. The color change did him good. Almost immediately he became a consistent ribbon winner in the Resin Longear classes.
Still, it was performance where he shone the most brightly. No matter which division...
he was competing in...
he never failed to bring home a pile of NAN cards!
Balthazar is semi-retired now. I don't like showing the same models in performance at show after show, and I have other mules who are more competitive in halter. Still, Balthazar holds a special place in my heart. He's got a home for life, and who knows? He just might make a comeback one of these years!


  1. It's amazing how a different colour can transform a model!

  2. It is usually a LOT cheaper to buy a good body with poor to mediocre paint than to buy the same body unpainted. Some of my best show horses came into being this way.

  3. That's a good tip.