Monday, November 7, 2011

Hair or bare?

As of this morning, Roundapony has two ears, four hooves and almost no pinholes.  He's just about ready for paint.  All he needs is hair.
 And therein lies the problem.  The original plan was to add lots and lots of hair.  Recently, however, Roundie has been telling me otherwise.  He says that he isn't a wild and woolly sort.  He's a good, honest, hardworking type of pony.  A field hunter type of pony.  

So I've been thinking.  Maybe a different type of hair do is in order.  Perhaps I can make him furry and not furry all at the same time.  

To that end, I present the following options:

1. Drainpipe Clip
 2. Trace Clip
 3. Blanket clip.
3. Hunter Clip 
 4. Full Clip
5. BIG hair
I've set up a Roundapony poll on the sidebar.  Please take a moment and let me know which one you like best!  


  1. He is looking so cute. I think he needs either trace or blanket clip and instead of braids, how about a running braid? I saw a picture of a really cute chunky hunter pony with a running braid the other day and thought of you. Wish I had saved it, now I don't remember what my search was for.....

  2. I think the blanket clip would be very complimentary to this horse's shape so that's my vote! Love the little changes you've made!

  3. I voted for the blanket clip! I like the trace and hunter clips, but one covers up his cute neck wrinkles and the other wouldn't show when he's tacked up. I think Roundapony's true potential is as a performance horse rather than a halter horse, so I want to make sure he looks good in tack.

    I'm thinking fat button braids for his mane but I'm not attached to that yet. I wish I could see your picture.

    I'm also taking color suggestions although I'm leaning towards dark bay or dark bay tobiano.

  4. I went for blanket clip to. I'd leave him hogged and go for black and white with more of him black or dark dappled grey would look nice!!

  5. I am planning on painting him myself so he definitely won't be dapple grey. That's WAY beyond my skill set, especially since he's going to have both clipped and shaggy body parts to deal with.

    Hmmmm. Maybe I should go with black and white. That would probably be a LOT easier!


  6. Honestly I have to say, hair it up! I love natural horses!

  7. I'm personally partial to the trace clip, and its cousins, the chaser and the Irish, but all of those would cover up some of the nice details on that model, so I voted for the blanket.

  8. I love high trace get some hair and lots of no hair for the spring shed out. Block's getting clipped this fall if it kills me.

  9. That's FLICK. *sigh*

  10. I looked though all my history and all my searches and couldn't find him...I'll keep looking...he was so cute!
    I think whatever you decide to do with him he will be awesome!!

  11. I fox hunted for years - and I would vote for a hunter clip and braids. That pretty much matches what I would see in the field on opening hunt as far as pony mounts went :)