Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Field research, part one

Trillium is no longer living in the huge pasture.  Instead, she's sharing a pen with Samson.
It took a while for Trillium to warm up to Samson...
but now they are in love.
In truth, I'm also a bit in love with Samson.  He is absolutely adorable, and I think his tobiano markings would look great on Roundapony. 
To that end, I brought my camera to the barn today and took lots and lots of pictures of Samson.
I made sure to walk...
all the way around him... 
and even held the camera up as high as I could to get a top view.
I also took some detail shots showing the edges of his spots...  
and the color of his hooves.
Although Roundapony will have plain brown eyes, no Samson post is complete without a look at his multicolored eyes.
Whew!  That's a lot of pictures of someone else's horse.  If Roundapony's pinto pattern doesn't look right, at least I know it won't be for lack of reference photos!


  1. He IS cute! That would look stunning on Roundapony :)

  2. his color would be PERFECT on Roundapony! :)

  3. You`re right, Samson is a cutie! I`m convinced his color would look bodacious on Roundapony!

    Best wishes,

    Doreen from Germany

  4. I think perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I am planning to use Samson's pattern but not his color. I have painted less than ten models in my life and although I've finished a couple since I started this blog, it's been YEARS since I actually laid down a base coat. I really don't think I'm capable of pulling off his buckskin color. Bay would be easier.

    Teresa, I'm hoping "Field research, part two" will be conducted at Flick's barn!

  5. His pattern does seem like the perfect fit for your Roundapony! The color is very cool, too, but if you're not going to do that color, I think the bay would look sweet also. I love that shot of his butt - what a cute little marking there on/around his tail. Thanks!