Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great clips

I don't expect to get much done hobby-wise this week.  Holiday weeks are always busy, and we're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year so I've got a lot of extra cooking and cleaning to do.  Still, all work and no play makes Jennifer a grumpy girl, so I was sure to schedule a little time for Roundapony research.

Unfortunately, my own photo files were completely devoid of clipped bay horse pictures.  That surprised me, especially since every single horse at last June's Rocky Mountain Miniature Horse Show was clipped almost down to the skin.  I took over five hundred photos that day--were there not any bays?!
So, it was off to Google Images where I grabbed photos of medium...
to dark clipped bays.
This is probably the closest to what I have in mind... 
although I'm still leaning towards adding spots.   
Along the way, I found some fun albeit not particularly useful shots.
I would never do this to either a real or model horse, but it is kind of cute. 
Well, that's enough for now--play time is over and it's back to cleaning!


  1. I saw a black pony with the superman symbol clipped on his rump. That was pretty cute :)

  2. Laughed pretty hard at the stars.

  3. I know a 4H kid who paints her all white horse every summer for parades and gaming competitions. He was even green polkadotted for the St. Patrick's day parade, and this summer he was multicolored ;). She isn't much for pleasure showing or equitation, just loves to have fun.

  4. I think my horse would be too embarrassed to leave the barn if I clipped stars on his neck or a heart on his rump... lol

  5. My barn owner would kill if I tried anything like the stars and hearts on Flick.

    We do have bay like your preferred color/shade btw Jennifer. :-)

  6. My riding instructor scoffs at the very idea of clipping or even blankets. I'd love to give my fluffy pony cute clips though. I can always dream :)