Friday, November 18, 2011

Aspy postscript

Just in case anyone was wondering, Aspy was named after the equine title character in the Disney movie, The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit.
I was a bit too young to have seen this in the theater, but it made an occasional appearance on the Wonderful World of Disney which was a Bray family favorite in the mid 1970's.  Years later, I read the book and discovered that Aspy was properly spelled Aspie.  Who would have guessed?
Although dated, this is still a pretty wonderful book.  It's very funny and a lot of the horse scenes are spot-on.  If you're a fan of equine themed literature, this one's worth tracking down!


  1. Aspercell ! I loved that moved I need to find it on DVD

  2. I got my copy at Walmart so it IS out there. Wish Disney would get off it's butt and release the other older horse movies. I'd love to get "Horse with the flying tail" and "Justin Morgan Had a Horse" as well on DVD. They have released some of them, why not the rest??


  3. Netflix has it but DVD only, no streaming. It doesn't look like it's available to watch on line anywhere. Boo!

    I remember seeing The Horse with the Flying Tail in the movie theater. It was tagged onto a showing of something else, but of course to me it was the main attraction. I'd really love to see that one again!