Friday, November 4, 2011

Tim's ears

Yesterday's ear post reminded me of a horse I knew briefly back in 1988. This is Tim's Clown.  He was an off the track Thoroughbred that belonged to my college friend and future roommate Amber.  
Check out his ears!
Tim's teddy bear ears weren't a birth defect. Rather, they were the result of frostbite. They were like that when Amber got him, and they made him the most recognizable plain bay thoroughbred around. Nobody ever forgot Tim's ears, and more than once Amber ran into people who remembered Tim from his racing days. They said he ran in a blinker hood...  That must have been so cute!
I met Tim just once.  He hadn't accompanied Amber to Fort Collins, so I had to travel five hours south to Alamosa to meet her "best horse ever."  It was a good trip.  In addition to Tim, I also rode Warren...
and met Amber's trainer/mentor/second mom, Toni.
Sadly, Tim broke a leg and had to be put down a few months after these pictures were taken.
Amber got another horse eventually, but there was really no replacing Tim and his teddy bear ears.


  1. How interesting! I knew I horse that was struck by lightning (and his owner too!) who survived but lost the top of one of his ears! Tim reminds me of him!

  2. When I was 16, I went to CA and got to see Khemosabi. The barn where he was at the time took us on a tour. They did have a lot of mares and babies there but they did have a Khemo filly who had a odd ear - it was all in the canal and looked like you could grab the tip and pull it out! Alas, that was not the case but they said the owner was keeping her anyway.

    Flick has a missing tip due to a stud colt biting it off.

  3. Tim looks like he was totally adorable! I knew a horse who was born (I think) with an extra little finger-deal-pokey-outy-bit on his ear. His name was "Top Notch" har har har! Actually, his owner competed him at 3-days in Colorado - maybe you've seen him! :-D It would have been around 10 years ago or so though...

  4. I've known a couple other horses with distinctive ears. Most were similar to Flick's missing ear tip. One ranch horse had a notched ear (ew) and then there was Ebony. His ears were both normal enough but they were completely different shapes. It wasn't obvious from the side, but it looked weird when you were in the saddle. Ha ha. I think of him when I see models with nonmatching ears!

  5. I used to ride a horse who had a suffered a stroke as a yearling and miraculously survived without any serious damage other then his ears were paralyzed. The where really long and hung down on either side of his head like a holland lop rabbit. It definitely got noticed in shows. But the judges never marked us down for it! They thought he was adorable!