Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Almost wordless Wednesday

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, my best friend and I are getting on a plane and going to California to visit my parents.  I'm packing the camera and laptop, but probably won't have much time online until I return home.  Today's photos were taken at the dressage clinic I attended on Sunday.  Enjoy!


  1. Have a nice trip!

    It make me really mad to see riders in any discipline not wearing a riding hat! It's just ludicrous to think that you're either too good a rider to ever fall off, or to think that if you did fall off that your head would never get damage. Grrrr!

  2. Beautiful horses! I'm kind of in between on the whole helmet issue. Yes, when I ride at my show barn(hunter/jumper) I'm always riding in a helmet, but I admit that sometimes when I'm riding at home I don't. If I forget my helmet in the barn as I'm about to get on a green horse, I just think to myself, if today is the day I'm supposed to die then at least I'll die doing what I love.

  3. Have a nice flight! Those pictures are nice, I especially like that big canter.

    I felt very vulnerable riding without a helmet while I worked at the Renaissance Fair as a joust squire. Alas, no riding helmets in the 14th and 15th century, so no riding helmets in public reenactment. Being a squire, I couldn't really wear a joust helmet either, and in any case, those don't protect from falls all that well, they're only designed to deflect glancing blows. Thank goodness I only rode the sane joust horses, but it made me very nervous all the same.

  4. Have a great/safe trip! We will understand if you can't blog, believe me.

    Neat photos from the Clinic. I'm guessing the long-maned greys are Andalusians? Bet they were fun to watch!

  5. If I forgot my helmet and was about to ride a green horse I simply wouldn't ride it. You may be killed, but you may also be paralysed or left with another horrific injury that you have to live with for the rest fo your life - probably meaning you wouldn't ever be able to ride again! Not worth it just for the sake of walking back to the barn to get a hat.